OneFest 2017

OneFest is a UK based, not-for-profit, Community Interest Company designed to support the emergence of new talent.

Working collaboratively with a partnership of like-minded organisations, OneFest will provide a platform for new and emerging talent initially in London and eventually across the UK.

OneFest will inspire, support and develop a new generation of artists, performers and music industry professionals through the creation of genuine opportunities and practical experience in the music and creative industries – ultimately contributing to the regeneration of the UK music community.



Why Now?


OneFest started life as a social experiment, an intentionally diminutive event featuring the likes of Damon Albarn, Damien Rice, Laura Marling, The Magic NumbersRae Morris, Raghu Dixit, Dry the River and the immense power of music to bring people together, promote the value of community, sense of place and to create genuine opportunities.

OneFest recognises that people want to work in the business, not only as aspiring artists and performers but also in the exciting and varied professions across the festival industry. People want to be part of this community. But all too often we hear from people, who struggle to get a foothold in the industry,

We aim to create a hands-on approach to music industry talent development, working closely with industry partners. The OneFest events will provide the opportunity, the platform, information, guidance and the ongoing support to help develop a thriving music community.

OneFest will build on its original reputation as a music festival with a social conscience, to a force behind a professional development scheme that will help nurture a new generation of festival producers, who in turn will create a series of events that have real social impact and develop new audiences.

How We Do It?

Each year we will recruit a cohort of up and coming music industry professionals. We will work with them to help develop their skills and provide opportunities for practical, hands on experience in the delivery of music events through a programme of subsidised internships. We will provide a bespoke mentoring and support package tailored to individuals needs, alongside the events.

The following year our recruits will progress to more substantive positions within the OneFest family, developing their expertise in their chosen field, but with the added opportunity to provide inspiration and support to the next cohort of interns as mentors.


The Programme

The proposed series of OneFest events will form the basis of a long term, intensive training programme producing a regular flow of new talent that has been skilled up by the OneFest programme with the support of key industry professionals and our festival partners

The events will provide opportunities to inspire, support and develop a new generation of young artists, performers and music industry professionals, gaining practical, real time experience in event production and a live performance environment.

OneFest will identify, select, train, road test and showcase the artists and music industry professionals by working closely with our partners.

We will fully engage our candidates, our creative talent, audience and industry through the project and demonstrate the spectrum of opportunities within the festival and events sector. We will also create a number of opportunities to up skill and assist existing talent to support its future industry.

The longer than average, in depth work placements are designed to equip each candidate with the tools and skills for the duration of their career.
OneFest wants to build a resilient festival sector that also values diversity.
We recognise that to do this, people entering the industry need appropriate professional development opportunities.

Our Partners

The real strength of this festival sector development project is the collaborative partnership that underpins in. This unique partnership of like-minded, organisations, such as AIF (Association of Independent Festivals) The Round House, Create Jobs -London, The Hub, The 100 Club, PRS for Music, PRS Foundation, Young Guns Network alongside OneFest will be the key to it’s success.

As an artist who worked their way up from the ground floor, I totally understand the challenges involved in carving out a meaningful and sustainable career within the music industry. OneFest plays a critical role in helping young talent get their first significant break, along with arming them with the tools and the knowledge to get ahead. I’m delighted to be collaborating with OneFest as I recognise only too well the importance of opportunity and the right kind of support to help new and young talent into the business.

Frank Turner

As the UK’s leading funder of new music, PRS for Music Foundation supports the creation and performance of outstanding new music. In order for artists, songwriters and music creators to thrive, it is important that the next generation of music industry professionals is well-prepared for the challenges facing the music sector. PRS Foundation is pleased to work closely with OneFest to nurture future industry figures.

PRS Foundation

The 100 Club would love to be involved on the OneFest CIC project as we recognise how critical support and accessibility is for our new generation of talent, in this tough current climate.  The 100 Club has championed all manner of bands and music genres throughout its history and we hope to be doing so for many more years to come. For this to happen, it is imperative that grassroots venues exist to give young artists a platform to create, experiment and evolve.

By partnering projects like this and the Music Venues Trust, we are able to help highlight the issues the live music industry is currently facing and also help young people who want to be involved in music, in all aspects of its industry.  Without them there is no tomorrow.

100 Club

The Roundhouse is excited by the developments of OneFest CIC, as we recognise the importance and value of new talent development, particularly in regional areas of the UK.The Roundhouse is a global leader in providing creative opportunities for young people (11-25yrs) including work placement opportunities, and are keen to support partners with similar opportunities where possible. OneFest CIC is badged as part of the Roundhouse’s Call to Create initiative, a global collective of like-minded cultural organisations that celebrates young peoples creativity.

The Roundhouse

PRS For Music, the UK’s leading collecting society, is a passionate supporter of talent. We are proud to be partnering OneFest to support and develop a platform for new and emerging talent.

PRS For Music

Long term vision and ethos


Through the OneFest partnership we will provide new and additional opportunities, and build on the industry support network to ensure reach, maximum impact and the long-term retention of a skilled work force along with supporting the development of music talent

This legacy will grow by stretching into different regions through our strong network, reinvesting any surplus generated back into the development of more talent.

We will continue to put the social enterprise ethos that was critical to the creation of the first festival at the heart of what we do. And, hopefully instil the same values in our trainees and everyone involved in the project.

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