Getting There

OneFest 2012 will be held at Rockley Manor, a beautiful rural location between Marlborough and Swindon.

For full location information and directions, please CLICK HERE to go to our location page.

Free Shuttle buses will run to and from Swindon bus/train station to the festival site. You can reserve your seat here to guarantee your seat.

The Barge Inn Community Project will be operating a service via various stops in the Vale of Pewsey to the festival to make sure everyone can have a good time and save the environment at the same time.

For information on the Barge Inn Community Project shuttle bus service please contact us here.

Lift share

If you are seeking a lift or are going to drive why not try OneFest’s liftshare scheme, it’s cheaper, green and means you might make some more friends before you even get to the festival. If you have spare seats in your car and if you’re driving an average-sized petrol car, having four people in it will bring your CO2 emissions per person to less than travelling by train! It really does make a difference if you fill up all the seats.